Each week we will feature a behind the scenes look at toy photographers from around the world


The United Kingdom, home of Big Ben, William Shakespeare, and the Beatles. It is also home of this weeks featured toy photographer, Mars Mann. Mars offers us the opportunity to learn a bit about his process and shares some insight into his photography.

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This week we the luck of having another photographer from wonderful Singapore. With a passion for LEGO photography Vince takes the time to sit down and answer some questions for us. Bringing creativity and passion to his photographs and now he’s sharing his passion with us. Enjoy this weeks photographer; Vince Li.

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The wonderful city of Singapore houses our Under the Macro artist, Sunny (aka zekezachzoom) Sunny photographs a wide gamut of toy lines. With careful staging and focus on lighting Sunny is able to provide a sense of life in his photographs. Coupled with amazing filters, Sunny’s photos provide a sense of whimsy and humor. We’re sure that you’ll enjoy Sunny’s work, we know we have!

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Robert Schymiczek

Duisburg, Germany is home to the worlds biggest inland harbor, and this week’s Under the Macro featured artist, Robert Schymiczek. With a primary focus on Lego Toy Photography, Robert brings his subjects to life by being able to bring the world around us and make it a part of his images. Enjoy this look at Robert and his work.

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Wendy Verboom

Under the Macro, this week features Wendy Verboom. We’ve been following Wendy on Instagram (@verboomwendy) for a long time. Wendy has always taken amazing shots of her favorite toys, Lego, specifically the Lego Minifigures and combines them with nature. The results are a visual delight with sharpness and vibrant colors that create a unique world for the toys fortunate enough to be shot by her. Wendy took the time to answer some questions for us, and share some of her favorite shots with us.

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Aurélien Mathieu

This week Under the Macro brings you Aurélien Mathieu aka Shobrick, from Paris. With great detail, and an eye for bringing action and motion to all of his toy photographs. Aurélien provides us a glimpse into what it takes to bring his Lego toy photos to life. With great attention to detail, lighting, and effects it is easy to see the joy and excitement that Aurélien brings to his work. Aurélien is a toy photographer that you’re definitely going to want to follow and keep an eye one.

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Matthew Barnett

For this week’s Under the Macro, we’re excited to bring you a look at Matthew Barnett. Matthew shares some insights as to his process and gives us a peek at what he puts into his work. Shooting his favorite characters, Matthew brings a sense of motion and action to his shots. We know this week that you’ll enjoy everything that Matthew has to share and be sure to follow Matthew online both through Facebook and Instagram.

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Shi Qing Yuan

This week our featured Under the Macro Toy Photographer spotlight is Shi Qing Yuan (Louis Cheok). Hailing from Singapore Louis has taken the time to share a bit about himself and what he’s able to do with toys and his camera. With an amazing eye for detail and lighting, Louis’s brings his photos to life. We’re happy to learn and share with you more about Louis and provide a glimpse of what he does to bring so much creativity to his photographs.

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