2017 Update

We’re working on updating your Bricksdaily experience

To bring you a better experience here on Bricksdaily we’ve noticed several areas we are looking to improve. As we work on improving these areas you will see our yellow construction banner. This is your indication that the page your looking at is being worked on and improved.

So what areas are we looking to improve? Below is our top 5 items that we are working on:

Improved Layout

To improve your experience we’re modifying the layout to help you get the most out of time on our site.


Improved Load Times

We’re working on improving our site load times. Allowing you to view our site on your various devices.

Social Sharing

You like to interact on multiple channels, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. We want to help you communicate and share the way you want.


After Social media sharing, we’re looking at the way to improve our communication.

Behind the Scenes

You’ve asked and were aiming to please. We looking to provide you better behind the scenes access.

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